Get the answers to your mobility equipment questions.

When can I schedule an installation?

You can schedule installation at any time. Either enter a request online or find your closest Mobility Plus location to schedule an in-home consultation.


Who do I call if I have questions or concerns?

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact your closest Mobility Plus location to schedule an in-home consultation.


Will the stairlift fit on my staircase?

Yes. Our stairlifts are specifically built as a custom design to fit on any staircase, long, short, straight, curved, steep or thin.


How do I schedule my evaluation?

You can apply for a free estimate on our website or by contacting your closest Mobility Plus location. We’ll answer your questions and schedule the evaluation. It usually takes around 1-3 hours to assess your home and needs as well as ensure you or your loved ones fully understand the stairlift or other mobility equipment being installed.


What happens during the evaluation?

A day before the evaluation appointment, a mobility specialist will call to confirm the appointment. On the day of the appointment, the mobility specialist will arrive on time, equipped with the necessary tools to measure the home and design a rail customized for your stairs. He’ll provide a quote and brochure explaining the stairlift that best fits your staircase.


Can I take my stairlift with me if I move?

Yes. Your stairlift can be removed and placed in a new home upon request. Although each rail is custom fit for each staircase, the actual lift can be moved and placed on a new rail.


What happens when the power goes out?

All our stairlifts are built to ensure any power outage is not restrictive. Each stairlift is accompanied by a fully-charged backup battery. This way, if the power goes out, up to five cycles may still be made.


How long will the installation take?

Installation is usually completed in a single day.

Still have questions? Ask a Mobility Plus expert.