GoLift Patient Lift 400lbs

Mobility Plus GoLift Patient Lift 400lbs
Mobility Plus GoLift Patient Lift 400lbs
Mobility Plus GoLift Patient Lift 400lbs
Mobility Plus GoLift Patient Lift 400lbs


The Amico GoLift is a ceiling lift system designed to transfer and position patients. The GoLift was created to be aesthetically pleasing yet incredibly efficient. In an effort to address infection prevention and control requirements, we incorporated smooth edges and round corners on the GoLift ceiling lift, carry bar, and capacitive touch hand control. This elimination of crevices minimizes the transmission of microorganisms and maximizes effective cleaning. The GoLift is activated with a single light touch to either the up or down arrow on the hand control.

When looking at the anatomy of the GoLift, you will find an impressive set of all metal gears and state-of-the-art battery technology that allow the caregiver to safely and effortlessly transfer a patient weighing up to 400lbs (181 kg) on a single lift.


  • Soft touch hand control for easy use
  • No grooves, buttons, or crevices to eliminate the spread of microorganisms
  • Carry bar connects to GoLift with a single button
  • Allows for easy transport of the carry bar from one GoLift to another
  • Weight must be released from the carry bar in order to activate the button to ensure patient safety
  • An easy magnetic connection of the capacitive touch hand control to the carry bar, wall plate of booms, or strap
  • Removing a hook connection promotes infection control
  • Decreases the chances of the hand control falling
  • No tools are required to disconnect the GoLift from the track, allowing for easy transport of the GoLift
  • Emergency Stop
  • Emergency Lowering Device
  • Soft Start and Stop
  • Overload Protection


Weight Capacity400 lbs (181 kg)
Unit Weight8 lbs (3.5 kg)
Lift Speed1" (25.4 mm)/sec
MaterialPowder-coated steel
Height4.25" (107.95 mm)
Length7.75" (196.85 mm)
Width7.75" (196.85 mm)


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