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Home Glide Straight Stair Lift

Mobility Plus Home Glide Straight Stair Lift
Mobility Plus Home Glide Straight Stair Lift
Mobility Plus Home Glide Straight Stair Lift
Mobility Plus Home Glide Straight Stair Lift
Mobility Plus Home Glide Straight Stair Lift
Mobility Plus Home Glide Straight Stair Lift


The HomeGlide stairlift delivers a solution for all straight staircase requirements and budgets. Designed for effortless simplicity with superior comfort and value. The HomeGlide is fitted onto your staircase and not your wall. This allows the lift to be installed quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your home.

  • Comfort Designed for You. The generous and luxurious padding ensures a firm and comfortable seat with plenty of support. The warm grey colour of the upholstery is a modern neutral tone which will blend seamlessly in every household. The upholstery is also fire retardant, liquid repellent and easy to clean. The HomeGlide is operated with an easy-to-use joystick and requires minimal effort to use the lift.
  • Compact and Discreet. The HomeGlide has a timeless design and is effortlessly simple, sturdy and satisfies your mobility requirements. The soft rounded shapes, are easy on the eye, allowing the HomeGlide to sit discreetly within the home. Remote control handsets allow the HomeGlide to park at either the top or bottom of the staircase, wherever is the most convenient for you. When not in use, the HomeGlide can be folded away to only 385mm (15”) on any landing, out of the way of other staircase users.
  • Safety & Control. Your safety is of paramount importance to us. The HomeGlide stairlift is certified to machine directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-40:2020 and UKCA standards. During travel, the retractable, easily accessible seatbelt will keep you secure on the stairlift. If the lift encounters an obstacle, it will safely come to a stop due to special safety edges on the drive unit and footrest. In addition, the stairlift is battery-operated, which means you can still use it during a power cut. The HomeGlide offers an optional integrated call device feature (programmable up to three telephone numbers) to ensure you can stay connected with friends and family when using the lift.

Home Glide Extra Package

By choosing the HomeGlide Extra package, you receive all of the features and benefits of the HomeGlide standard with further features to ensure the most comfortable ride. The HomeGlide Extra proves to be the ultimate marriage of design and functionality for any straight staircase.

  • Linked footrest. With the HomeGlide Extra package, your HomeGlide comes with a powered linked footrest. This feature makes it almost effortless when unfolding the chair as the footrest is connected to the seat - eliminating the need to bend down and have any unnecessary strain on your body.
  • Ergonomic seat. Designed by ergonomic experts, all HomeGlide models feature an ergonomic moulded seat designed to positively influence your posture while offering maximum comfort during travel. In addition, with the HomeGlide Extra package, you can choose from four different seat heights, providing a more tailored fit, ensuring the most comfortable seating position possible.
  • Powered swivel seat. The HomeGlide Extra package automatically upgrades you to the powered swivel seat. The powered swivel feature automatically turns the chair at the top landing as you maintain pressure on the joystick. This enables a safe exit from the chair as the lift automatically rotates towards the staircase landing.


Weight Capacity136kg/300lbs (21st) at max 53°, 145kg/319lbs (22st) with hinge, 160kg/352lbs (25st) at max 45°
Speed0.12 m/s (23.6 ft/min)
Drive SystemRack and Pinion
Incline Limits28º up to 53º (up to 45º for use in 160kg/352lbs range)
Electrical Requirements280 W
Battery2 x 12V, 7Ah (indoor); 2 x 12V, 9Ah (outdoor)
Remote ControlJoystick
Safety StandardsMachine Directive 2006/42/EC EN 81 40:2020 UKCA
Safety DevicesRetractable Safety Belt, Automatic Stop
Motor/GearContact your local store for information
Overall Width26"
Folded Width15"
Height of SeatAdjustable. 4 positions 20-23in from floor to top of the seat
Depth of Seat17.3"
Floor to Seat Height19"
Footrest Width11.6"
Footrest to Floor4.5"

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