Pride Mobility
FDA Class II Medical Device*

Jazzy EVO 614HD Power Chair

Model: Jazzy EVO 614HD
*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments
Mobility Plus Jazzy EVO 614HD Power Chair
Mobility Plus Jazzy EVO 614HD Power Chair
Mobility Plus Jazzy EVO 614HD Power Chair
Mobility Plus Jazzy EVO 614HD Power Chair
Mobility Plus Jazzy EVO 614HD Power Chair


This Is What a Heavy-Duty Performance Wheelchair Looks Like

It’s time to put limited mobility where it belongs — on the sidelines.

When adventure calls at a moment’s notice, Jazzy EVO 614HD empowers you to pick up and go. That’s because it comes engineered with the capabilities that push boundaries of everyday life for the heavy-duty power wheelchair class, with a 450-pound weight capacity.

Here’s how the Jazzy EVO 614HD pushes the limits.

We introduced a new 4.88 mph top speed. Compared to the average person’s walking speed of around 2 mph, that’s cheetah-fast.

With a new 3" ground clearance and new 13.75" drive wheels, you sit higher and blaze over uneven terrain like you were born to do it.

Start writing your can-do list. This is going to be amazing.

You to put off a once-in-a-lifetime trip, here’s a reason to put it back in play. Jazzy EVO 614HD gives your imagination the reason to go.

Everybody makes lists. We have chore lists for the weekend and prescription lists that we keep filled. We might not write them down, but we also keep lists of what we can reasonably achieve in our lifetimes.

With Jazzy EVO 614HD, that list stops looking limited. It becomes open ended.

How does Jazzy EVO 614HD get you there?

Jazzy EVO 614HD has tall 13.75-inch drive wheels, the centerpiece for Pride’s beloved Mid-Wheel 6 platform. Active-Trac ATX Suspension adapts to the terrain, so grassy fields and paths feel smoother than they ever have before.

And now, with a new memory foam seat, your Jazzy EVO 614HD is ready to provide all-day comfort right out of the box.


  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • Up to 4.88 mph
  • 22" turning radius
  • Up to 13 miles per charge at 450lbs, up to 21.5 miles per charge at 200lbs.
  • New! Dept- adjustable, limited recline memory foam high-back seat with headrest and single heavy-duty seat post allows the user to swivel
  • New! 13.75" perforated drive tires
  • New! 60-amp Dynamic LiNX Adjustable joystick speed dial enables you to adjust your speed comfort level
  • New! New- Removable matte finish color through shrouds and 6-colors
  • Flip-up, height adjustable foot platform
  • Full independent front and rear Active-Trac ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over more varied terrain
  • In-line joystick mount
  • Convenient access to the controller and batteries while the user remains seated
  • HCPCS Code: Group 2: Heavy-Duty (K0824/K0825)


Weight Capacity450 lbs
Speed24.88 mph
Operating Range3,5Up to 13 miles at 450 lbs; Up to 21.5 miles at 200 lbs
Turning Radius322"
SuspensionFull independent front and rear. Active-Trac ATX Suspension
Ground Clearance33"
DrivetrainTwo in-line HD motors
ColorsBlack (matte), White (matte), Red (matte), Iceberg Blue (matte), Robin's Egg Blue (matte), Sugar Plum (matte)
Charger5 Amp, Off Board
Battery(2) NF-22
Braking SystemRegenerative and electro-mechanical
Ground to Top of Seat322" - 24"
Assembled7255.5 lbs
Base6125.7 lbs
Seat657.8 lbs
Battery6(2) 36 lbs
Drive Wheels313.75” perforated
Casters6" front casters
Width x Depth18" x 20", 20" x 22"
Back Height - no headrest18", 20", 22"
Frame5-year limited
Drive Train13-month limited
Battery13-month limited
Electronics13-month limited
1. Jazzy Power Chairs are FDA class II Medical Devices designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments
2. Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery amp-hour(AH), battery charge, battery condition and tire condition. These specifications can be subject to a variance of (+/- 10%).
3. Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to a variance of (+/- 3%).
4. AGM or gel cell type required.
5. Tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA, WC Vol2, section 4 & ISO 7176-4 standards. Results derived from theoretical calculations based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity.
6. Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer.
7. Weight includes base, seat and batteries.

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