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Mobility Equipment for Sale

Thank you for visiting the Mobility Plus of Corpus Christi website. Here at Mobility Plus we are committed to empowering individuals and disabled Veterans facing mobility challenges to be mobile both inside and outside of their homes. Mobility can come from one product or a combination of state-of-the-art mobility equipment like stairlifts, mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, auto scooter lifts, fixed and portable entry ramps, lift recliner chairs and more. Not every product fits every person so contact us today for free consultations on anything we sell, service or rent: 361.462.4690. Our showroom and service center are open Mon-Fri 10-5:30pm, Sat by Appointment only and Closed Sunday.
Mobility Scooters of Mobility Plus

Mobility Scooters

When you want the freedom to get where you need to go, come to Mobility Plus for the most affordable high-quality mobility scooters you'll find. Whether you're buying for the first time or replacing a worn-our scooter, we'll help you choose the right scooter for your living environment and lifestyle.

You can expect great customer service when you shop for mobility scooters at Mobility Plus. Our professionals will do their best to find the model and price point that works for you. We’re available for servicing if you need repairs or a new battery. We’ll help you choose a mobility scooter lift for your vehicle, so you can take it with you where you need to go. And we’ll help you learn how to operate your new mobility scooter.

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Transport & Wheelchairs of Mobility Plus

Transport & Wheelchairs

Think all wheelchairs are alike? Think again! Every person who's in need of mobility assistance has different needs, living spaces, lifestyles and preferences. We can help you find the wheelchair or transfer chair that's best for you or your loved one. Caregivers will appreciate features that make things easier on them, as well. Some of the features you'll find when you visit the nearest Mobility Plus showroom: easy flip-back arms and swing-away footrests; adjustable height; extra-comfort padding; detachable or reversible desk arms; hand brakes; fold-up designs for portability; and varied sizes. Accessories are available, too. Let us know how we can help!

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Walkers & Rollators of Mobility Plus

Walkers & Rollators

Balance, support and dependability on wheels! Our high-quality walkers and rollators will keep you or your loved one on the move, whether it's in a store, on a sidewalk, or in a home. We offer many designs such as compact models that are easy to maneuver in tight spaces, heavy-duty models for rougher terrain, and lightweight models that easily fold up for storage in a closet or trunk. Many include storage pouches — great for shopping trips! Many can convert to a seat, too. You might be surprised at all the choices you have, all designed to help you be independent and on the move. Visit us to find the model that fits your needs best!

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Lift Chairs of Mobility Plus

Lift Chairs

A recliner is a great way to relax, but it can pose a challenge if you have mobility issues. Power lift recliners and lift chairs are the answer! They can change positions, lifting lift you to a near-standing position so you can get back on your feet from a steady and safe position. The same function can ease you into the chair, as well. We'll help you find the chair that's best for your situation. Some chairs, for instance, are designed to be used for sleeping, too. Mobility Plus carries high-quality brands that come in many styles and colors to suit your home. Are you or a loved one recovering from a medical procedure? Ask about rentals. Used and pre-owned options are available, too.

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Power Chairs of Mobility Plus

Power Chairs

Power chairs — also called power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs — can help you maintain your mobility and your independence. We'll help you find the right one for your home environment and your lifestyle. Our selection of power chairs from Golden Technologies and Pride come in a wide range of models: compact for tight spaces, portable for loading into a vehicle, durable for outdoor use, or a combination of great features. Many are available in a variety of colors, too! Have a short-term injury or need something portable for a trip? Ask about rentals. Pre-owned and used power chairs are available, too. Our teams will assist with learning how to operate your chair and with any maintenance needs that might arise.

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Stair Lifts of Mobility Plus

Stair Lifts

Staircases don’t have to be a problem for someone with mobility challenges. If you or a loved one gets short of breath or has difficulty climbing, stair lifts are a way to move safely from one floor of your residence to another.

We know how to work with tight spaces, staircases with landings, and staircases that change direction. We offer the best prices for Harmar Pinnacle Straight Stair Lifts, Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lifts and Merits Curved Stair Lifts.

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Fall Prevention of Mobility Plus

Fall Prevention

Staying safe in the bathroom is important for older adults as well as people with medical problems, whether long-term or temporary. You can get peace of mind for yourself or your loved one with a variety of solutions that will make the bathrooms a safer place. We provide high-quality safety products for the bathroom, tub and shower: security poles, bath seats and more. We'll help with installation and with finding the right solution for you and your living space. Ask for a free home consultation! We're here to help you or your loved one stay independent at home as long as possible.

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Mobility Scooter Lifts of Mobility Plus

Mobility Scooter Lifts

Take the hassle out of hauling your mobility scooter with powered and manual lifts designed with minivans and SUVs in mind. These lifts will safely and securely lift your scooter off the ground, carry it along with you to your destination, and unload it for you when you arrive.

We offer a wide range of lift solutions by Harmar, including AL100 Universal Scooter Lifts that feature exceptional versatility and convenience. The AL100 and others can also handle wheelchairs and power chairs.

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Vertical Platform Lifts of Mobility Plus

Vertical Platform Lifts

When a home entrance, a porch, or a deck is elevated, a vertical platform lift (VPL) — sometimes called a porch lift — can offer safe and convenient access to those who use power chairs, wheelchairs, scooters or wheelchairs. We have the latest models designed with technologies that offer optimal reliability, ease of use, and ease of servicing. Ask us for a free home consultation to learn about VPL solutions so you can maintain your mobility and your independence. We provide fast and efficient installation services, too. Let us know how we can help!

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Safe Patient Handling of Mobility Plus

Safe Patient Handling

Our patient lifts are designed for safe and easy transfer of patients, making them perfect for home caregivers or healthcare facilities. Caregivers don’t have to strain, and patients can feel secure as they are transferred in and out of bed or to a different room. Mobility Plus carries high-quality lifts in a wide variety of designs that take into consideration the many needs of both caregivers and patients, including lifts designed for portability and lifts designed for transfer to a pool. Ask us for a free home consultation so we can find the right patient lift for your needs and your living space.

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Mobility Ramps of Mobility Plus

Mobility Ramps

Whether it's your front door, your mini-van, or a friend's house for dinner, we have a ramp that will give you the access you need while using a walker, wheelchair, scooter or power chair. We proudly carry aluminum ramps made by EZ-ACCESS, which offer exceptional versatility and reliability. For outdoor use, our heavy-duty ramps are made from rust-resistant interchangeable parts that can be easily adapted to your home's design. For getting around, EZ-ACCESS suitcase and roll-up ramps offer outstanding portability and convenience; use them to access a vehicle or the destination you'll arrive at. Recovering from an injury? Our ramps can be a smart short-term solution, too. We offer great prices and efficient installation.

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Hospital Beds of Mobility Plus

Hospital Beds

The right hospital bed can make a big difference for both the user and the caregiver, especially by ensuring a safe way to get in and out of bed. Mobility Plus has multiple options for the home or for care providers that offer both comfort and safety. We carry Med-Mizer, a high-quality brand that builds innovative features into its products. For instance, Med-Mizer hospital beds can move into a chair position at the touch of a button, allowing the patient to safely enter and exit the bed from a standing position or a wheelchair. The same feature means the bed can be transformed into a comfortable, adjustable lounge-chair position for eating, reading, socializing or watching television. Because some users will need to take precautions with swelling, our beds have multiple options for positioning the body — a good thing for comfort, too. Underbed lighting offers gentle illumination, when needed. Our beds are handsome, too, so you can feel good about fitting them into your living environment. Caregivers will appreciate the sturdy design that makes the beds easy to move and reposition. Ask about pre-owned/used beds and rental options for short-term needs. Visit a Mobility Plus showroom near you so we can walk you through the choices and show you optional features to consider. We provide fast and efficient delivery and set-up services, too. Let us know how we can help!

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Mobility Accessories of Mobility Plus

Mobility Accessories

When you need help to get around, little conveniences can go a long way. We have a wide range of accessories for scooters, wheelchairs, power chairs, walkers and even crutches. All are designed to provide extra convenience and assistance. You can outfit your scooter with a coffee cup holder or a smart phone holder, for instance. Planning to shop? Golden Technologies and Pride offer many storage options for their products: baskets, pouches, saddlebags, totes and more in various sizes.

We also have a wide range of high-performance replacement batteries for your mobility device from Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, EV Rider, Enhance Mobility and Interstate. Get your power chair or scooter running with new batteries in no time!

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