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Mobility Plus Prescott Valley is a local, family owned, franchise dedicated to helping people facing all kinds of mobility challenges. Seniors who want to age in place, people recovering from a range of medical issues and surgeries and people with permanent disabilities are just some of the people that benefit from the products and services we offer.


We are pleased to offer quality mobility equipment. We deliver, install and service what we sell. We also perform repairs and maintenance on most equipment regardless of brand.

Mobility Scooters of Mobility Plus

Mobility Scooters

We offer mobility scooters to help you or your loved one stay mobile. Designs available for both standard use and for more rugged terrain, our scooters provide independence and mobility. View Products »

Transport & Wheelchairs of Mobility Plus

Transport & Wheelchairs

Mobility Plus offers a wide range of Wheelchairs and Transport chairs that will take your loved ones with you to many places. View Products »

Walkers & Rollators of Mobility Plus

Walkers & Rollators

Our walkers and rollators will help your loved ones to retain their independence and continue to do the things that they enjoy. View Products »

Lift Chairs of Mobility Plus

Lift Chairs

We offer Lift Chairs that will meet your specific needs. Each lift recliner is built for quality and reliability, so you can enjoy it worry-free for many years to come. View Products »

Power Chairs of Mobility Plus

Power Chairs

We offer Power Chairs to help you or your loved one stay mobile. Designs available for both standard use and for more rugged terrain, our power chairs provide independence and mobility. View Products »

Stair Lifts of Mobility Plus

Stair Lifts

A straight stairlift is a simple mobility solution suitable for two-story homes with straight staircases. The track is attached to the stairs, not the wall, and the chair is compact and folds easily, keeping the stairs accessible for everyone. View Products »

Fall Prevention of Mobility Plus

Fall Prevention

Staying safe in the bathroom is important for older adults and people with medical problems. Make changes in your bathroom to help lower your risk of falling. We provide a variety of bathroom safety products to protect your loved ones. View Products »

Mobility Scooter Lifts of Mobility Plus

Mobility Scooter Lifts

Our mobility scooter lifts help you to bring your mobility scooter with you, no matter where you go. Designed with minivans and SUVs in mind, our lifts accommodate virtually all mobility scooters and power chairs. View Products »

Vertical Platform Lifts of Mobility Plus

Vertical Platform Lifts

Our vertical platform lifts are available in any size to fit porches, decks or indoors. These lifts, which look like open-air elevators, are ideal for people who rely on wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters. View Products »

Patient Lifts of Mobility Plus

Patient Lifts

Our patient lifts are designed for safe and easy transfer of patients, perfect for family home caregivers providers or healthcare facilities with limited storage space and ideal for relocation between patients, rooms and homes. View Products »

Ramps of Mobility Plus


Our outdoor ramps help people get in and out of their homes and are suitable for anyone who uses a walker, wheelchair or powerchair. Our heavy-duty ramps are made from rust- resistant interchangeable parts. View Products »

Accessories of Mobility Plus


We provide a wide range of accessories from Golden and Pride for scooters and power chairs. View Products »


We offer a variety of gently used equipment. Please stop by our showroom or call 928-308-2465 for more information. Our inventory of used items changes often so check back regularly for our most current selections.

Products for Rent

Are you interested in renting one of our Mobility Scooters, Power chairs, Wheelchairs, Walkers or Rollators, Knee Scooters or ramps? Our rental options help provide that temporary solution for people recovering from an injury or surgery. It is also a great way to help someone traveling in from out of town.

For reservations or assistance, call 928-308-2465 or fill out the contact form below.

Services and Repairs Center

From time to time even the highest quality mobility products may need service. We offer full service maintenance for most mobility products.

We offer in-store diagnostic services or, we are also happy to visit your home to perform an on-site evaluation, and in many cases perform basic maintenance services.

Battery Check

Battery Check

Bring in your batteries, or the whole machine, and we will check your batteries for FREE. This service test is the best way to make sure your batteries are still in good working order. You can come to our location during our normal business hours for a free battery check – no appointment necessary.
Service Fee: Free of Charge
Battery Installation

Battery Installation

We will install your new batteries and properly dispose of your old batteries when you purchase your batteries from us. Simply stop by our showroom with your equipment and old batteries and we will install your new batteries for free.

If you are unable to come to us, we are happy to come to you. In home diagnostic fees will apply.
Service Fee: Dependent on location
In-store Diagnostic

In-store Diagnostic

We are mobility experts that want to use our knowledge to uncover any issues with your mobility equipment. You're welcome to visit our showroom for a quick diagnostic of your machine. We will first test your batteries. If the batteries are working properly, we will perform a complete series of diagnostic tests to determine what is causing any issues with your equipment.
Service Fee: $50/hour
In-home Diagnostic

In-home Diagnostic

We offer in-home diagnostic services for those who do not have the ability to visit our showroom. We begin with a battery test to ensure your batteries are fully functional. Once that is completed, we will perform further tests to attempt to determine the cause of any issues with your equipment. If necessary, we will bring the equipment back to our facility for additional testing and to perform necessary repairs.
Service Fee: Fee would be for the first hour and dependent on location
This fee includes:
1. Travel to your location. This is a one time fee even if we have to come out to you multiple times for your repair or service.
2. One hour includes, starting when we arrive we will test batteries first. Then we will assess your repair needs and begin working on a fix (if applicable and with your approval). If additional labor and/or parts are needed beyond the initial amount, we will inform you before incurring additional charges.

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Serving Prescott Valley, AZ and Surrounding Areas. Share your questions or concerns about your family’s mobility needs. To schedule an in-home assessment, submit the Contact Form.

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