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At Mobility Plus, we don't just sell you a product; instead, we work with you to understand the best mobility equipment for your needs. From mobility scooters to motorized stair lifts, we offer everything you need to maximize your movability.

Mobility Scooters of Mobility Plus

Mobility Scooters

Electric vehicles that provide a seated, motorized means of transportation for individuals with mobility challenges. View Products »

Transport & Wheelchairs of Mobility Plus

Transport & Wheelchairs

Portable chairs that facilitate transportation for individuals with limited mobility. View Products »

Walkers & Rollators of Mobility Plus

Walkers & Rollators

Walking aids with wheels or a rolling frame to support individuals in maintaining balance and stability while walking. View Products »

Lift Chairs of Mobility Plus

Lift Chairs

Reclining chairs that assist individuals in standing up or sitting down by lifting and tilting. View Products »

Power Chairs of Mobility Plus

Power Chairs

Motorized wheelchairs designed for individuals who require powered mobility assistance. View Products »

Motorized Stair Lifts of Mobility Plus

Motorized Stair Lifts

Mechanical devices installed on staircases to transport individuals up or down the stairs safely. View Products »

Fall Prevention of Mobility Plus

Fall Prevention

Products that reduce the risk of accidental falls, especially among the elderly or those with mobility issues. View Products »

Mobile Scooter Lifts of Mobility Plus

Mobile Scooter Lifts

Devices that lift mobility scooters into vehicles to facilitate easy transportation. View Products »

Vertical Platform Lifts of Mobility Plus

Vertical Platform Lifts

Elevating platforms designed to transport individuals in wheelchairs or scooters between different levels. View Products »

Safe Patient Handling of Mobility Plus

Safe Patient Handling

Equipment to ensure the safe movement and transfer of patients, minimizing the risk of injuries. View Products »

Ramps of Mobility Plus


Inclined surfaces providing wheelchair or mobility device access to areas with elevation changes. View Products »

Hospital Beds of Mobility Plus

Hospital Beds

Adjustable beds used in medical settings to provide comfort and accommodate patients' health needs. View Products »

Mobility Accessories of Mobility Plus

Mobility Accessories

Additional products and attachments enhancing the functionality and convenience of mobility equipment. View Products »

Maximize Your Motility with Products from Mobility Plus

Mobility aids shouldn’t be difficult to find. At Mobility Plus, our mobility equipment ensures that you get where you need to go.

In fact, we’ve offered superior-quality mobility aids for over 15 years — and we’re committed to your needs. That’s why we also provide comprehensive delivery services to assist you in setting up and using any mobility aid you purchase from us.

Contact us today for assistance in finding the best mobility solutions for your needs.

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