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Personalized solutions for everyone. Experience unmatched quality and service at Mobility Plus.
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Are you visiting Indianapolis, and looking for rental options? No Problem. We offer a flexible solution to meet your temporary needs, without compromising on quality. Rental Options
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Explore our wide range of mobility aids, each designed to offer you freedom and independence. Our expert team is here to help you find the perfect match for your needs. Purchase Options
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Keep moving without a hitch. We offer repair services to ensure your mobility aids are always in top-notch condition, ready to serve you whenever you need them. Schedule a Repair

Unlock Your Mobility, Effortlessly

Reclaim your mobility freedom in three simple steps
01 Browse Products Explore our curated, premium aids online. We have a selection of rigorously vetted premium brands known for their quality and reliability. Our goal is to get you the best, so you can live your best.
02 Reach Out When you see an ideal device online, reach out to for personalized service and guidance on choosing your ideal mobility solution. We understand mobility challenges first-hand because we live them every day.
03 Peace of Mind Your journey with us doesn't end at purchase. Our optional Dealer Labor Warranty Program can cover the labor to fix your devices after they leave our store. We're here to be your lifelong mobility partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers. Find out everything you need to know about our services and products.
What Payment Methods Can I Use? We offer two flexible payment options for your convenience. You can choose to pay via cash or credit card. We also provide an installment payment plan through Square's Afterpay service.
Do You Offer Delivery Services, and Are There Any Additional Fees? Yes, we offer delivery services. The delivery fee, if applicable, varies depending on your location. Please contact us for specific pricing details.
Can I Get a Personalized Consultation or Assessment? Yes, we invite you to visit our store during operating hours for a personalized consultation. Our experts will assess your needs and recommend the perfect mobility device for you. We also have an in-home consultation that is $199 and that fee is applied to any purchase you make with us.
Will I Receive Training on How to Use My New Mobility Device? Absolutely! Whether you choose to pick up your device or have it delivered, we provide comprehensive training. We'll guide you through using, maintaining, and cleaning your device so you can use it with confidence.
What's the Difference Between a 3-Wheel and a 4-Wheel Mobility Device? A 3-wheel device generally offers more maneuverability but might be less stable than a 4-wheel device, which offers better stability but may be less agile. We recommend discussing your specific needs with our experts in store for a tailored recommendation.
A Mobility Story A Personal Quest for Dignity and Independence

I'm Kelly, and I live mobility and access everyday. When a spinal lesion took most of my ability to walk, I didn't see an end; it was a new beginning. My experience with mobility struggles led me to Mobility Plus. Now, I am proud to bring the same life-changing services and products to you, right here in Indianapolis.

I train my staff using my firsthand experience with these devices to ensure you receive the best mobility solutions to suit your situation. You don’t just buy a product; you leave with a mobility solution tailored to your needs.

Mobility Plus Indianapolis West Owners
A Caretaker’s Story The Heart of Care: Our Commitment to Solutions That Matter

I'm Stoddard, and I live mobility and access everyday. When my wife Kelly lost most of her ability to walk, our lives were turned upside down. We got Kelly a wheelchair through insurance, and it was the coldest process imaginable. She was profit, not a person. So when we found Mobility Plus, I found my mission in life: to provide mobility solutions that treat the customer with dignity, respect, and kindness.

At Mobility Plus Indianapolis West, we understand the weight of the caretaker's role and aim to lighten that load with compassionate, effective solutions.

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For easy navigation to our location, use Google Maps and choose the route entering the business district from the west. Avoid using Sam Jones from the East, as signs for Executive Way are hard to see.

(833) 463-9668


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10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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5532 W Raymond St.
Indianapolis, IN 46241
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Eileen Stone
in the last week
Simply the best! Deserves 10 stars!! Stoddard went above and beyond. I had a last-minute change to work locations that required getting a scooter. We discussed options (I needed a scooter to handle a heavy-set person) and how to get it in/out of my vehicle. I decided on an electric lift. We had a glitch that meant switching scooters to meet the specs of the lift. Stoddard took it all in stride. I knew what was happening every step of the way. Everything was done well within my deadline for my new work location. I highly recommend Mobility West. They have it all - scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, lifts - and the know-how to get it all done. Great price too!
Profile photo
Eileen Ellis
a month ago
From the start on the phone Mr Stoddard Worman has been extremely cordial, professional and very knowledgeable. His service appt today, 01/24/24 all the above applied. I will be referring him to the residents where I live, family and friends for any of their mobility needs. Thank you.
Profile photo
Ronnie Arterburn
a month ago
Excellent service … called to rent and picked up same day! Nice scooter and super clean. Highly recommend …Stoddard is very passionate about accommodating those who are handicapped!
Profile photo
Hannah Vaschel
a month ago
Fantastic experience all around! Come here for personalized service, real empathy, and to support local family-run business to boot! My wife uses an electric wheelchair to get around and the CPU failed on her chair in the airport when we were on our way to visit my family for Christmas. We called Mobility Plus because they were on the only shop in Indianapolis open on Saturday. Thank goodness they were! We weren't able to come home very long this year and Stoddard, the owner, helped us resolve an extremely stressful issue remarkably quickly! Bonus points for getting in and out so quickly that we didn't even have to adjust our family plans for that day! My wife's chair is a smaller brand that doesn't license to brick and mortar stores and deals exclusively online, but the owner, Stoddard, did his best to try to find service information on it to see if he could help us anyway. He was so kind and honest from square one, even brainstorming ideas outside of his shop for how I might be able to reach the wheelchair company directly (unfortunately, they don't release service information to outside technicians and were already closed for the holidays). In the end he did examine the chair and told me he would open the CPU unit and take a look if we wanted, but advised against it because we were still under warranty and him doing so would likely void it since he wasn't one of their techs. He did however set us up with a rental chair that could meet all of her needs and ultimately enabled my wife to still participate in all our planned family activities and maintain her independence while doing so! He had the rental chair set up and prepared for me after we spoke on the phone even though the conversation ended with me only maybe coming into his shop. He also took extra time to show me how to break down and set up the rental so that we wouldn't have any trouble or stress while using an unfamiliar chair. He and his stepson also helped me figure out how to securely load both chairs into our rental car so that I didn't have to make multiple trips back to my parents' to stash my wife's chair and then come back to pick up the rental chair. The pricing was also very reasonable for a week's rental of an expensive piece of equipment. Stoddard shared the story of why he opened the shop in the first place with me and it is ultimately born from a personal experience with a family member and a deep understanding of how difficult the process of securing insurance coverage and finding the right mobility option for a loved one can be. The main reason he got into the business is to do his best to try to make a scary, expensive, necessary process that much easier for others after going through it with his family himself. He certainly helped me navigate a stressful speed bump in a much calmer and easier way than I was expecting. It is terrifying to have your wheelchair fail. Most users view them as an extension of themselves and being unable to move without another person's help can be limiting and infantilizing. While I certainly hope we never experience technical difficulties again, we do travel to Indianapolis frequently, and there is a lot to be said for the comfort and relief in knowing we know exactly who to turn to if we ever do have trouble again in the future when we're here.
Profile photo
Tony O
2 months ago
Mobility Plus Indianapolis West is your local mobility store, and provides the skills and knowledge to assist with customers mobility needs. Check out the scooters, power chairs, lift chairs, wheelchairs, and more. Even if you just need a rental, your covered.
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