Liftup Products

Liftup continuously develops the most innovative welfare solutions for lifting people, with quality, aesthetics, and focus on functionality. 

FlexStep by Liftup is an innovative 2-in-1 solution that transforms stairs into a platform lift for wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility and walking. “Lifting people” means Liftup strives to develop technology products that not only help users and their caregivers but are also elegant. Thanks to their attractive design, they are pleasing to other people, too. 

The battery-operated mobile lifting chair Raiser II and Raiser M help a fallen person on the spot. In just a few minutes the person will be raised to an almost standing position in a way that supports the entire body throughout the process and with no strain on the helper. It can be used in home care, in institutions, for rescue services and other services requiring a lifting aid and transfer of persons with limited mobility.