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Easy Exterior Ramp Solutions for Your Home


When those stairs leading into your house become barriers to someone with mobility challenges, you might think about hiring a carpenter. You’ll probably worry about the cost, and you’ll wonder what the project will do to your home’s curb appeal. But you’d be surprised: There are simpler, more affordable, and more versatile solutions for home ramps.

Modular aluminum ramp systems are durable, versatile, and can be adapted to many configurations and conditions, said Steve Ziembec, owner of Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee. Mobility Plus offers several options and carries multiple brands, including ADA-compliant PATHWAY HD. They can be used for wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters, and all are backed by warrantees. Another nice plus: unlike ramps constructed from lumber, aluminum ramps won’t need to be scraped and repainted after being exposed to harsh weather. And their anti-slip surfaces are safer in rainy conditions.

Steve and his Mobility Plus team offer free consultations to assess your needs and help you choose the best option. “Every situation is unique -- not only the person but the home they are trying to access and the space they have to work with,” said Steve.

Because they are both lightweight and strong, modular ramp systems can be moved or reconfigured if needed. This makes them a great solution for either short- or long-term needs. "So if you need something temporary, say for somebody who has had an injury, it can be installed and taken away." This feature also makes them great for renters – no need to ask a landlord to remodel.

Mobility Plus will design and install the ramps, and offers rentals for short-term needs. There’s even a "suitcase" ramp, portable enough to be carried like a piece of luggage and used for as many days as needed.

Steve is both a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist and a licensed Dwelling Contractor. He and the team at Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee are ready to help you choose the right ramp solution for you and for your home. Call (414) 367-4004 to schedule a free consultation at today!