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Need a Short-Term Mobility Solution? Try Rentals


Mobility challenges aren't always long-term, and your equipment options don't have to be, either. Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee offers many rent and rent-to-own options for customers who need short-term solutions.

"Sometimes our customers come to us because a visiting relative uses a wheelchair, and their house just isn't set up for that," said Steve Ziembiec, owner of Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee. "Or maybe they have a surgery scheduled and will need assistance while recovering at home. We have lots of solutions that don't require a long-term investment."

One of the most popular rental options is a power-lift recliner, often used for people recovering from knee or hip surgery. It's equipped with a lift function that tilts the seat to a near-standing position so you can sit down and stand up easily. "They’re a great product," said Steve.

So great that, so far, every customer who has rented one from Steve has decided to keep it even after recovery. In those cases, Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee offers a rent-to-own option, in which a portion of the rental cost can be applied to the purchase. It’s an option available for many other products, as well.

Steve and his team can advise customers about the temporary solution that will be right for each situation and each home. Are you expecting a guest who uses a mobility aid? You can rent a wheelchair or scooter during their stay. Will a family member need to use a walker for a while? Mobility Plus can offer multiple options to help them navigate both indoor and outdoor stairways.

If you need solutions for stairs, modular ramps or portable ramps can be installed on a temporary basis. Made of durable aluminum, they can be adapted easily to your home’s configuration, whether to access a front porch or navigate a single step leading into the den. Motorized stairlifts can be rented, as well (a two-month minimum is required). Whatever the solution, Mobility Plus can do the installation.

Wheelchairs and scooters can be difficult and costly to ship, so rentals are a great option for someone visiting from out of town. And, of course, it’s a helpful option for someone with short-term recuperation needs.

With rent and rent-to-own solutions, making your home easier for mobility-challenged guests or loved ones is easier than you think. As someone who is CAPS-certified, a Licensed Dwelling Contractor, and a member of NARI Milwaukee, Steve and his team will offer advice you can trust. Call Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee at (414) 367-4004 to schedule a free consultation today!