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Power Lift Recliners: Comfy Plus the Comfort of Safety


What better feeling is there than settling into your special chair after a long day on your feet? Whether to curl up with a book, lean back with a tablet, or watch TV, a comfortable place to sit is one of life’s little pleasures. But it can be a challenge for people with mobility problems, and that’s where Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee can help.

Mobility Plus offers a selection of high-quality power lift recliners that are equipped with a lift function to help you get up from your seat. Once you’re done with a book or TV show, it can change positions, lifting you to a near-standing position so you can get back on your feet from a steady and safe position. The same functionality can ease you into the chair, as well.

The Mobility Plus team can advise each customer about the chair that will work best for his or her situation. A person’s size, for instance, should be taken into account. Also important: Whether or not someone will need to sleep in the chair. The chair’s size, height, durability, fabric and other features all make a difference, and Mobility Plus is ready to guide you through those choices.

"This is a wonderful product for people recovering from a medical procedure or with a condition that limits their mobility," said Steve Ziembiec, owner of Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee. "It offers an extra level of independence and security."

Mobility Plus carries a large selection of high-quality power lift recliners made by Golden, Pride Mobility. All are designed to address the many safety and practical needs customers have when adapting their homes for people with mobility issues. The recliners have all the comfort and feel of a traditional recliner, and come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your home. Features include:

  • An adjustable headrest and leg support.
  • Lumbar support.
  • Fully adjustable in several directions to maximize comfort and minimize stiffness.
  • Built to withstand more wear-and-tear versus traditional recliners.
  • Adjust your posture easily with the hand-held controller.
  • Battery backup will keep you moving even if the power goes out.

Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee offers rental, rent to own, and purchase options for the power lift recliner. Ziembiec said they have been so popular with customers that "we very rarely get a rented chair back. People almost always end up buying them because they’re a great product."

The Mobility Plus team is ready to help you pick the right recliner for you or your loved one, and can advise you about many other mobility solutions for the home. Call to schedule a free consultation at (414) 367-4004 today!

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