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Six service benefits you'll love at Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee


If you or a loved one has mobility challenges, the equipment you rely on isn't a convenience, it's a necessity. When something goes wrong with a wheelchair, stair lift, or scooter, you need to know there’s someone who can help. Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee understands that because Mobility Plus is committed to service, you're getting more than a product – you're getting experts who care.

Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee sells and rents a wide range of home-mobility solutions but considers itself in the service business. The staff prides itself on being problem-solvers for their clients. That can mean making a repair or installation on short notice, finding a part as quickly as possible, or figuring out a payment plan you can handle.

"It's in our nature to bend over backwards and jump through hoops to accommodate peoples' needs," says owner Steve Ziembiec. "We do everything we can to help in a timely and cost-effective fashion."

But repairs are only part of the picture. Here are six great service benefits you'll get when you work with Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee.

1. Expertise: Personalized attention for just the right fit for you

Every client looking for a mobility solution has a unique set of considerations and challenges. Do you need a temporary fix or something long-term? Do you need mobility help outside the home or inside? Would a ramp work for your front entrance, or do you need a lift?

And for every set of circumstances, there's a wide range of mobility solutions. Given the pace of innovation in the mobility-device industry, the options can be overwhelming.

The team at Mobility Plus will help you sort it all out by guiding you through the choices. They know the latest products and can assess your home situation. Steve is both a certified aging-in-place specialist and a licensed dwelling contractor.

Free in-home consultations are available to assess what will work for your living situation and steer you away from what won't.

"We treat each customer as an individual," says Steve. "Everyone has a unique situation, so we don't offer cookie-cutter solutions."

2. Repairs: Someone to turn to when something breaks down

Whether it's a stair lift in your home or a walker you bring to the store, Mobility Plus will do their best to repair it. Sometimes it’s as simple as a dead battery, a wobbly wheel, or a lever in the wrong position. When more complicated repairs require a new part, Mobility Plus will either find something in stock or order it for you.

Is it a brand Mobility Plus doesn't carry, or something you purchased elsewhere? No problem. As long as they can find the part, they'll help out.

3. Responsiveness: Quick action when you need it

It's not uncommon for a Mobility Plus team member to be on their way to your home even before you get off the phone. Steve and his team know how important it is to address problems quickly – like the time they dropped everything to help a man whose stair lift broke, keeping him from reaching his bedroom and bathroom. "When I left him that morning, I felt fantastic, because we got it running and he was so relieved," says Steve.

"A lot of times when people are calling us it's not a convenience, it's a necessity. We recognize that."

4. Resourcefulness: Bridging service gaps with solutions

When a customer's broken power-lift chair needed a part shipped, she was in a fix. While recovering from shoulder surgery, the chair was her only way to sleep. Steve found a floor model to loan her while the part was on its way.

When another customer was told he'd have to wait for his scooter to be repaired, he had no way to go about his usual activities. Steve had a selection of wheelchairs and scooters to offer short-term.

Mobility Plus has an inventory of products that can be loaned or rented. "When we can get something into somebody's hands that meets their needs temporarily, that's what we do," says Steve. "If we have anything in our possession that will help a client get through a tough stretch, we do it. As quickly as possible."

5. Cost-conscious: Finding the right options for your budget

The Mobility Plus team understands that budget-friendly options are important. Now might not be the time for that top-of-the-line scooter with a sound system and built-in beverage cooler. Or maybe you're not sure you'll need your solution long-term. Whatever the reason, Steve and his team can help. Ask about:

  • Lower-cost models that are safe and reliable
  • Used items and floor models
  • Rentals and rent-to-own options
  • Payment plans
  • Short-term equipment loans

6. Personal attention: Pride of ownership

Steve and his partner handle almost all service and sales inquiries personally, and they take pride in their reputation for service. Because the owners are the same people making repairs and selling products, they're accountable and committed.

"We're truly a small company and we live the service leadership model. We run this business to help people," says Steve. "And because of that we’ll go out of our way to make it a positive experience."

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If you have a mobility challenge that needs a solution, Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee will combine great service with great solutions for you. Visit the store in Brookfield to test-drive a scooter, see a stair lift demonstrated, or learn about the latest new products in stock. Or call to schedule a free home consultation. Click here for hours, location, and contact information.