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Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

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As we approach our third year in business, we pause to reflect and celebrate all we've accomplished.

First, we are honored to have assisted hundreds of people with mobility challenges. We've met some of the most extraordinary people going through difficult experiences who still greet us with a smile. We've always known no one really wants to be shopping for these types of items, however if we can provide mindful solutions that make someone's life easier - then our goal has been accomplished.

We've grown these two years too. Our carefully selected team consists of people dedicated to positively impacting lives. Each member brings wonderful talent and provides solutions we sell, repair, rent and/or install in order to improve the lives of our customers. We are so grateful for their continued diligent efforts and for trusting us with their livelihoods. We all share a common passion and enjoy connecting with each customer who walks through our doors.

We continue to learn so much about the complex medical system in this country, the resources that exist and the pitfalls that many can fall into. Our community partners, who have freely shared their expertise and support our educational approach, have been a true blessing. We have tried to provide a platform where this information can be easily shared through the many complimentary classes and meetings we hold at the store.

When we opened our doors, we were in the middle of a pandemic with no vaccine in sight. We've since lived through a time where everyone has experienced product supply issues, employee hiring shortages, delivery problems, gas spikes, record inflation; and it's only been two years. We truly appreciate our suppliers for their continued innovation and for making wonderful products which enable us to do what we do.

We so appreciate winning AZ Central’s “Best of Award” and a Mobility Plus Franchisee award, and couldn’t have done it without our customers. We treasure the relationships we've built and continue to celebrate milestones together like a customer's 91st birthday, coming home from an extended stay at rehab, moving into a new home, getting a diagnosis, being able to get out of bed for the first time independently in years and we also mourn the loss of some of our customers.

What started out as just our family of four, has become something very special. There are now 6 Mobility Plus locations throughout the state and we still have more to come.

We want to say thank you for sharing your lives with us. We hope to continue to help more people, travel this journey with you, and solve mobility and accessibility issues so that you can always go where you want to go.

-Lara and Scott Vineyard

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