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Daily Inspiration: Meet Lara Vineyard

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Lara Vineyard.

Hi Lara, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.

Growing up on an island like Jamaica allowed me to look at life from a different perspective. As a small country that was heavily influenced by tourism, I was exposed to a large variety of people with differing backgrounds. Both my parents were entrepreneurs with businesses rooted in the tourism sector and because of the limited supply of resources, we had to be very creative in many of the things we did. This perhaps was my greatest education.

Eventually, I moved to the United States for university and graduated from ASU studying Communication and Business. The internet was just starting to unfold and I ended up extending my education in web design (back in the days of dial-up) to enhance my communication expertise and then began my first company designing websites.

My husband and I fell in love with Arizona and decided to settle here in the mid-90s and raise our two children. Through the years we’ve enjoyed seeing this state grow and specifically watching the changes that have happened in Scottsdale. When we purchased our first home in McDowell Mountain Ranch, we were at the end of the city and the closest grocery store was a 20-minute drive away.

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