Meet Scott Vineyard | Arizona Area Developer / Business Owner & Mobility Consultant

Meet Scott Vineyard Arizona Area Developer, Business Owner and Mobility Consultant

When I decided to start my own business and leave the financial and job security of working for a corporation, I wanted to be sure that the business I chose would be meaningful and would positively impact others. I really enjoyed my previous work, but I felt like something was missing. I needed to be sure I could still provide a living for my family while doing something to help others in a meaningful way. That is when I discovered a new franchise called Mobility Plus. The State of Arizona was still available for purchase, so I became the Arizona Area Developer, and opened my first store in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At Mobility Plus we sell, rent, repair, and install all types of mobility and fall prevention equipment including scooters, powerchairs, liftchairs, autolifts, patient lifts, ramps, wheelchairs, transport chairs, walkers, grab bars, beds and so many other items. After making the decision to pursue this opportunity, the business quickly evolved into a family business/mission as my wife then joined me full time and our teenage children help during their time off from school.

As I studied the industry to inform my decision, my wife and I both became very excited since we have been on the consumer end helping to take care of our loved ones, and we saw so many opportunities to make the experience a better one. We found it very confusing and stressful to figure out the best solutions to help keep our loved ones comfortable and safe while also protecting the caregivers. This process can be very confusing with so many current products and new ones continuously being introduced, and it is difficult for caregivers and customers to know which ones are the best fit for their needs. We view our roles as Mobility Consultants to be focused on educating our customers and their caregivers about the options available based on their current and future needs. As a result, we have been able to help so many people avoid a fall, regain lost mobility while they are recovering from surgery or an illness, increase their mobility to allow them to go where they want to go and more fully enjoy life, whether their mobility has been constrained by an illness, permanent injury or a temporary injury and help keep caregivers safe.

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