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Selecting the Perfect Scooter

How to Choose the Best Scooter for All Your Mobility Needs

Selecting the Perfect Scooter

Congrats, you’ve decided to purchase a Mobility Scooter! Now that you’re in the buying process, there’s a lot to consider, from wheel type to battery life, as well as speed and accessories. You’ll want to make sure the scooter is personalized to your needs, without the process becoming overwhelming. Here at Mobility Plus Pittsburgh, we are dedicated to helping you making the decision as easy as possible! Below we have listed our best tips to guide your mobility scooter purchase.

Types of Scooters Available

First, you will want to determine the best type of scooter for your needs. Most of our customers choose between a 3-wheel or 4-wheel scooter. 3-wheel vehicles are mainly for indoor use, where as 4-wheel scooters can easily maneuver the different terrains of the outdoors and provide extra stability. We also offer smaller travel scooters that easily fold down for transportation, as well as heavy-duty scooters that can carry over 500 pounds

By thinking about your lifestyle and where you will most commonly use your scooter, you can determine which format will be the best for you.


When considering which scooter to purchase, you’ll also want to evaluate how you need to travel. If you often need to travel in a vehicle or on public transportation and bring the scooter with you, a travel or 3-wheel scooter would be a better fit. However, if you are planning on using your scooter to go on the roads and as a main form of transportation, a 4-wheel option should be considered.


Different models of scooters travel at different speeds. For example, 3-wheel scooters are usually only licensed for indoor or sidewalk use, therefore, they only travel up to 4mph. A 3-wheel scooter (also known as Class 2) is considered a pedestrian and can travel anywhere a person would walk, at relatively the same speed.

A 4-wheel scooter (known as Class 3) can usually travel between 8-13 mph, which make it’s easy to get around outdoors. Many 4-wheel scooters also come equipped with lights and indicators so they can be better used outside of the home.

Turning Radius

If you need to maneuver around tight spaces or hallways, you’ll want to consider the scooter’s turning radius. 3-wheel vehicles offer a tighter turning radius for smaller spaces and entryways, whereas 4-wheelers usually cannot turn as precisely and may have a tough time getting through smaller spaces.

Battery Range

A travel or 3-wheel scooter is generally lighter, and therefore puts less of a drain on the scooter battery. With a larger 4-wheel or heavy-duty scooter, it takes more battery life to operate and may need to charge more frequently. If you won't have time to recharge your scooter regularly, you may want to consider using a lighter model.


It’s also important to consider what accessories you want your scooter to have! While most accessories can be fitted to any scooter, larger items such as a lift, ramp, or oxygen tank carrier may require a 4- wheel model. We can also discuss having a basket, cup holder, saddlebag, or cane holder installed on your scooter to make it better for everyday use.


Finally, before you purchase a scooter, you’ll want to personally try it out to make sure the fit is right for you! Are you able to move the controls? Can your feet reach the floor at a comfortable angle? Make sure you consult your Mobility Plus representative so that the scooter is comfortable and customized to you.

A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect scooter but knowing your needs and the different options available can set you up for success. Contact Mobility Plus Pittsburgh today and we’ll help select the prefect scooter for you!

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