What is CAPS Certification?

'Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist', also better known as CAPS certification, has grown in popularity within the housing industry. The program was created by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), AARP, and over fifty home innovation labs and councils. Its goal is to help educate professionals on technical aspects, business management, and customer service in assisting senior citizens and those who are physically handicapped. Today, most CAPS certified professionals are home remodelers. However, the certification is expanding from healthcare workers to designers and architects to professionals in the mobility industry.

Many seniors want to stay in their homes rather than moving somewhere else that might be more accommodating to their mobility needs. Working with a professional that is CAPS certified will put the client's trust in them to provide the safest modifications without the potential longevity of a full remodel or having to relocate completely.

Steve Ziembiec, owner of Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee, is CAPS certified. With this advanced designation, he can come in and assess your home to provide a more complete and permanent solution to help you stay in your home longer. "I'm excited to accommodate our customers more now than ever," said Steve. "Another reason why I love my job!"

Since the 1940s, NAHB has been the voice in the American housing industry. With creating the CAPS certification program, assurance has been brought to those in the senior citizen and handicapped community that they no longer have to worry about moving from their long-time home due to limited mobility.

To find out how the team at Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee can help you stay in your home longer, contact us today at (414) 367-4004.

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