Vertical Platform Lift

Model: Highlander II VPL400-VPL1400
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Mobility Plus Vertical Platform Lift
Mobility Plus Vertical Platform Lift
Mobility Plus Vertical Platform Lift
Mobility Plus Vertical Platform Lift
Mobility Plus Vertical Platform Lift
Mobility Plus Vertical Platform Lift


The Highlander II represents a new generation and evolution in VPL’s. New technologies introduced in the Highlander II make this VPL series more reliable, easier to use, easier to service, easier to troubleshoot, and the premiere market choice for platform lift solutions.

The Highlander II is an outstanding choice for vertical lifting solutions in the home or in light commercial settings where an elevator is impractical or unnecessary.

Commercial Applications Include:

  • Continuous Handrail in Platform
  • Lighted E-Stop & Alarm
  • 42" (106.7 cm) Height Guard Panels


  • Continuous Handrail in Platform
  • Key Lock in Platform
  • 3-Stop with 3-Button Control Panel
  • Lighted E-Stop & Alarm
  • Platform Gate


  • Guardian System
  • Smart Sense Technology
  • Universal Drive System
  • Designed to meet or exceed requirements of ASME 18.1-2017, Section 2 or 5-Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Safety Pan Beneath Platform
  • 4-LED Indicators in Top Cap
  • Emergency Stop Button in Platform
  • Overspeed Brakee
  • Overload Protection
  • Interlocks for doors/gates
  • Manual Lowering Tool


Maximum Capacity:750 lbs. (340.2 kg)
Power Source:2/3 hp 90V Fully Sealed DC Motor
BRAKING:Worm drive gear motor
Motor Speed:4,160 RPM
Motor Rating:Intermitent Duty, Class H
Gear Reduction:Gearbox at 26:1
Required Power:115V AC
Motor Brake:Electric and Mechanical Holding
Optional Battery Backup:Integrated Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Drive System:1" diameter ACME Screw
Overspeed Brake:Yes
Lift Speed:10 FPM (Feet per Minute)
Finish:SealKor Exterior Grade Powder Coat
Warranty:3-Year Limited, 1-Year Battery
Maximum Lifting Height:
VPL400:53" (134.6 cm)
VPL600:77" (195.6 cm)
VPL800:101" (256.5 cm)
VPL1000:125" (317.5 cm)
VPL1200:149" (378.5 cm)
VPL1400:171" (434.3 cm)
Tower Height:
VPL400:72" (183 cm)
VPL600:101" (256.5 cm)
VPL800:125" (317.5 cm)
VPL1000:149" (378.5 cm)
VPL1200:173" (439.4 cm)
VPL1400:197" (500.4 cm)

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