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Power wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters; which is right for you

Power wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters

If you're in need of a mobility device to help you move around your home or community, you may be wondering whether a power wheelchair or a mobility scooter is the right choice for you. Both options can be effective at improving your mobility, but there are some key differences to consider.

Power wheelchairs, also known as electric wheelchairs, are designed for people who are unable to propel a manual wheelchair or who have difficulty standing or walking. They are typically larger and heavier than mobility scooters and are operated using a joystick or other controls. Power wheelchairs offer a high level of stability and support, making them a good choice for those who need to use their mobility device on a regular basis or for long periods of time.

Mobility scooters, on the other hand, are smaller and more portable than power wheelchairs. They are often used by people who have difficulty walking short distances or who need assistance with balance. Mobility scooters are typically easier to maneuver than power wheelchairs and can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, they may not be as comfortable or stable as power wheelchairs and may not be suitable for those who need to use a mobility device for long periods of time.

So, which is right for you? If you need a mobility device to help you move around your home or community on a regular basis and are unable to propel a manual wheelchair, a power wheelchair may be the better choice. If you only need assistance with short distances or have difficulty with balance, a mobility scooter may be a more suitable option.

At Mobility Plus Shelby Township, we offer a wide range of power wheelchairs and mobility scooters to meet the needs of our customers. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals can help you choose the right mobility device for your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today at 586-822-016 or visit our website at Mobility Plus to learn more.