Ramps Offer Freedom in Your Home and On-the-Go

Ramps can make your entire house more accessible, giving you the independence and mobility to go about your daily activities — whether you’re using a walker, wheelchair or scooter. They are ideal for seniors choosing to "age in place" surrounded by the comfort and conveniences of their home.

Ramps can be useful when attempting to get over steps, thresholds or doorways, such as the front entrance to your home or garage. Another key area for ramps is in a "sunken" living room or any room that requires a step down in order to access it.

Ramps Offer Freedom in Your Home and On-the-Go

Ramps Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Mobility Plus offers free in-home consultations to assist you in choosing a ramp that best fits your space and application. All our ramps are manufactured in the USA and have lifetime warranties. A custom color powder coding can be applied to your ramps to enhance their appearance and meet HOA requirements.

Ramps come in a wide range of designs, configurations and lengths to fit your specific needs. The four main types of ramps are:

  • Portable
  • Modular
  • Threshold
  • Fixed

Ramps can be customized for any entryway or threshold in your home or business. To improve traction, ramps come in a variety of slip-resistant surfaces based on the application, such as treads or a solid extruded surface.

Wide Range of Applications

Ramps are not only useful for mobility device users, but also for people pushing strollers, carts or other wheeled equipment over thresholds or entry points. They are frequently used in industries such as delivery and construction services.

Shop Locally For The Most Reliable Equipment

While it may be tempting to hire a handyman to build a makeshift wooden ramp, they can be hazardous if they fail unexpectedly. Wood tends to deteriorate easily, especially when exposed to outdoor elements, and they can require extensive maintenance.

For greater reliability, choose a ramp constructed from aluminum or rubber. Aluminum ramps are corrosion-resistant, so they won’t rust or rot in outdoor climates. Most aluminum ramps include a self-adjusting ground transition plate for a smoother transition on and off the ramp.

Rubber ramps feature a durable one-piece design that can often be trimmed to fit your space. Made of environmentally-friendly recycled rubber, they are slip-resistant and are a good choice for low-traction conditions. When choosing between aluminum or rubber, consider the ground conditions, exposure to the elements and space limitations.

Buy or Rent

To narrow down your ramp choices, begin by asking yourself, how long will I need a ramp?

If your mobility limitations are temporary due to an injury or illness, or if you have a mobility-impaired guest visiting your home, a ramp rental may be the least expensive choice. Contact your local Mobility Plus store for rental options and availability in your area.

  • Portable Suitcase and Rollable Ramps
    Portable Suitcase and Rollable Ramps

    Whether you buy or rent, portable ramps offer the ultimate in flexibility. They can be easily moved to a new location and are useful when traveling outside your home to visit friends or to access commercial areas. Portable ramps can help you navigate raised landings, steps or larger vehicles. They can also be used to securely move mobility equipment into and out of your vehicle.

    Suitcase ramps feature a single or tri-fold design and can be carried like a suitcase using an ergonomic handle.

    Another portable option is a rollable ramp. Like suitcase ramps, they offer a light-weight design with heavy-weight capacity and can fit into most vehicles for easy transportation. Portable ramps are a low-cost option starting as low as $185.
  • Customized Modular Ramps
    Customized Modular Ramps

    Modular ramps are semi-permanent/temporary ramp systems that contain a number of pieces that fit together in different combinations.

    Most large ramps use a modular design to consolidate space. They are typically constructed of aluminum with all-weather durability.

    Modular ramps are a custom item, requiring a larger investment, starting at about $2,000 depending on the height and location. If you’re considering a modular ramp system, call Mobility Plus for a free site evaluation.

    Semi-permanent modular ramps typically rest on top of the ground or a concrete pad and can be disassembled and moved to a new location to meet your changing needs.
  • Threshold Ramps
    Threshold Ramps

    Threshold ramps are a simple, low-cost option for getting over a short step or low lip in a door jamb or flooring and are usually 3 to 4 inches high. Placing a ramp on each side of the threshold allows the mobility device user to travel smoothly over the threshold without assistance from caregivers.

    If you have sliding glass doors leading out to a backyard or patio, threshold ramps will also help protect the door tracks and bottom side of your scooter from damage.

    Ramps made of rubber material are sound-dampening, creating a quieter environment when transitioning over thresholds. This is especially beneficial in apartment buildings where living quarters are close together.

    Portable threshold ramps can be easily moved from door to door. For longterm use, some threshold ramps can be attached to the ground.
  • Fixed Ramp Solutions

    If you’re looking for a permanent solution, consider a fixed ramp that is bolted or cemented to the ground or floor. They are often used in new buildings and commercial applications.

If you’re installing a ramp in your home and have limited space, you can opt for shorter, less expensive ramps. However, when installing a ramp in a U.S. public or commercial space, ADA guidelines must be followed.

For every inch of height, one foot of ramp is required, which often takes up a large space at entry points. For example, a three-foot high set of stairs requires 30 feet of ramp. Our mobility specialists can help you choose a combination of ramps and platform turns to optimize your unique space, while meeting the 1:12 slope guidelines.

Ramps Offer the Gift of Freedom

Using ramps in your home gives you more independence and self-confidence. It also eases the burden on caretakers by eliminating unnecessary lifting that can cause strain or injury.

Ramps provide smooth transitions from room to room and at entry points, so you can move freely inside and outside your home and participate in your favorite activities without assistance.

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